Success Stories


  • I developed new messaging and a $M campaign that gave positioning for America's largest carrier a B2G context. My team refreshed these insights through expert-panel and online analytics to ensure B2G relevance. Our work outscored AT&T and Sprint on reader surveys in all campaigns.
  • I led a $M company-wide effort to rebrand all nine acquisitions of a network test vendor under a single identity, including messaging, branding, sales support, website network, media relations, and public speaking across five countries. My brand launch won Best of Show at America’s largest telecom trade show, besting every Fortune 100 company on the floor.
  • I took less than a year to evolve a financially troubled technology reseller’s marketing into a brand-new model of system integration for government. My aggressive launch plan included completely new messaging, five integrated solutions launches involving over a dozen technology partners, over a hundred live events, and re-launch of a million-hit e-commerce site.


  • Working with open-platform toolkits and no budget, I re-launched two Progressive social-networking, activation & fundraising sites during the critical 2Q08 primary season, with one site serving over 12K unique visitors in a single week during a key DC Voting Rights initiative.
  • To support a strategic brand migration for government's largest commercial technology provider, I redesigned and relaunched a complete non-commerce presence inside their secure $MM commerce engine in under one month.
  • For a network solutions vendor, I developed and produced an ASP-based corporate Website with five SQL engines and 150+ codepages in two months. Monthly traffic went from 33K to over 1.2M hits in just one year.
  • In tandem with a global carrier's core web team, I strategized, wrote, and designed a two-month re-launch of their entire web presence for federal, state and local government, first -responders, K12, and higher education.


  • Building on three month's research inside Federal agencies, I developed a $M trade campaign that gave the 2007 “It’s the Network” campaign of America's largest wireless carrier a B2G-specific context. My team refreshed these insights through expert-panel and online analytics to ensure the client's subsequent 2008 “white stage” and 2010 “Rule the Air” campaigns would maintain B2G relevance. Our creative work consistently outscored AT&T and Sprint advertising on reader surveys in all three campaigns. 
  • To support a government technology provider's launch of its first five integrated solutions under heavy financial-market scrutiny, I worked with over a dozen technology partners to fund and deploy a series of $M thought-leadership campaigns to federal, state, and local government professionals that created a funnel of interest from co-op trade advertising and bylined articles to seminars with government and industry leaders.


  • With a window of less than two months, I developed creative for and managed production of a multi-component Supercomm exhibit presence for a network service assurance vendor — including theatre, conference spaces, one dozen demonstration areas and matching content, and wraparound theme material. Resulting presence won Best of Show Award for the largest booth classification — beating out Intel, Lucent, Motorola, HP, and every other multi-level exhibitor. 
  • I developed and produced creative and technical content for a continuing series of customer seminars across North America for a network service assurance vendor. Our guerrilla campaign — executed in under three months, including eight hours of original material in two variations — attracted nearly 500 attendees to fourteen events in Canada, Mexico, and the USA at an average per-attendee cost under US$500.


  • For a new three-tiered collateral system supporting the highly visible re-branding of the US's top commercial-technology provider for government, I led architecture, content, design, production, and delivery for over three dozen solution-focused collateral pieces and core positioning brochures. Delivery included an integrated rollout to the firm's national field sales force, with online training at launch and subsequent mentoring in the field.
  • To support the rebranding of a network service assurance vendor, I created a brand-new, bindery-intensive, six-component presales collateral system, with over one dozen individual technical elements.
  • Given a three-week window, I developed and produced an education supplier's catalog with 32 pages of original sales copy, dozens of new product photographs, all-new layout, photoillustrated covers, and a web press run in excess of 500,000 units.