Suzanne Jaworowski — VP Market Research / Planning - White+Partners

Bayard has outstanding market analytical abilities and messaging / branding proficiencies — he has been a key player in the strategic translation of data on both technology and nonprofit accounts. Bayard is a team player who has risen to the occasion and has been a critical part of our strategy development team.

Kipp Monroe — Chief Creative Officer - White+Partners

You want something done right, you give it to Bayard. His proactive attitude, coupled with his innate “big picture” perspective, makes him a “go to” choice for complex projects. Liked and respected by both management and co-workers, he brings intellect, human sensitivity, leadership skills, commitment and passion; all of which contribute greatly to our brand.

Mark Posluszny — Former VP - Service Assurance Marketing, Spirent Communications

I had the opportunity to see Bayard in action over the course of five years working together at Spirent, where he was instrumental in timely execution of all aspects of our Marketing Plan. Bayard's commitment to excellence is unquestionable. His fundamental marketing skills are sound and messaging tight, and he always brings a fresh approach to marketing challenges. He knows when to seek outside expertise, sticks to deadlines -- and never forgets he's spending other people's money. These skills, combined with his personal integrity, make him a strong contributor on any marketing team. If you have the chance, I recommend you see this for yourself.

Patrick Kiernan — Former Director Strategic Marketing, Spirent Communications

I worked with Bayard for several years at Spirent. Team player, creative thinker, diligent, the consumate marketeer. Anyone looking to develop a true market-oriented communication program should be looking at Bayard.

Gene Carter — Former Program Manager, Spirent Communications

Over the years I worked with Bayard, he was always creative and on target with corporate and product messaging to ensure the strengths of the company were understood by our customers and that they were attracted to our products and services. A great guy to work with, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend him.

Kevin McCartney — Former Director / Strategic Markets, Spirent Communications

Bayard is a very talented and creative marketeer. I worked closely with Bayard while he was at Spirent leading our Marketing Communications team. Bayard was always very skilled at crafting unique messaging and was able to enhance the sales and marketing efforts through his contributions.

Tom Taschler — Former Director-Sales, Spirent Communications

Bayard performed exceptionally in his role while at Spirent. I worked with Bayard on several initiatives and he exhibted strong strategic and tactical planning skills in managing these campaigns. I highly recommend him.

Rembrandt Jackson — Entrepreneur in K-12 professional development

I have known Bayard since 1995 while he was handling marketing for Classroom Connect inside and outside the company, and again as our strategic marketing consultant for GoKnow. Bayard collaborated with our GoKnow leadership to create a professional business plan which was successfully used to secure investment capital. He is talented, responsive, and a great team player.

As we worked together in both capacities, it was obvious he is an incredibly bright individual who is tenacious with details and committed to clarity. He is a gifted wordsmith and manager, and he demonstrated high motivation in using his experience and knowledge to grow and develop and reach the highest standards possible. He is very internally motivated, setting goals and working to meet them with timeliness and effectiveness. He is a person of character and integrity. I recommend him enthusiastically.