Events / Experiential

Smithsonian Institution / National Museum of Natural History

Q?rius launch happenings 

The Q?rius experiential center is about making exploration of our natural world relatable to teens and tweens. An everyday opening campaign wouldn’t do for these digital natives — or cut through in a city of museums. To build buzz, I drafted a series of science-related scenarios in which Rick Adams challenged everyday DC residents in familiar places with odd requests. We filmed the hilarious interactions and edited them into sharable YouTube segments. On Q?rius opening weekend, we co-hosted DC’s first Improv Everywhere happening on the National Mall, where around 500 secret invitees arrived on cue to follow a science-themed version of MP3 Experiment Ten

Secret invite to Improv Everywhere DC on Thanksgiving Saturday


Verizon Wireless

Federal civilian, defense, and state / local tradeshows

Bringing a major consumer brand with a strong product focus to a tribal world of first responders, military, and career public service professionals requires sensitivity to market need and fidelity to brand equity — even more so when sister business units and technology partners share the stage. Our team consistently did this across multiple booths and segments, efficiently leveraging properties like towers, theatres, product demo centers, recharge bars and hospitality lounges from many sources into a single compelling environment.

Recharge Bar

Demo stations

Partner Pavilion

Demo theatre


Unicom Government (GTSI Corp) 

Federal civilian, defense, and state / local tradeshows

Like many resellers, GTSI fielded a product-heavy tradeshow presence that placed the brand impact of its technology partners ahead of its own branding. The result was increasing confusion as the company began a rapid migration toward the system integrator model. To resolve this, I created a solution-centric booth model with strong corporate branding tied to our website and collateral. This modular approach used interchangeable workstations and gridwork with magnetized messaging designed to dovetail across the entire structure, supporting the company's wide variety of exhibit and logistic requirements.

10x20 demo / partner pop-up

Sample solution station signage

Inner Circle coop-funded events

In its traditional role as government channel partner to the IT industry, GTSI would conduct dozens of partner-support and sales-incentive programs each year. To help the company break away from the logistical and strategic implications of individually managing partner support across so many events, I innovated a ten-month campaign approach to these events that intentionally restricted participation and activity to underscore the most important points in the annual sales cycle. Inner Circle partners participated as a group in both sponsorship and onsite capacities, enhancing their exposure to the GTSI sales organization while eliminating the messaging noise common to customary channel-event marketing.

Entryway and conference hall banner

Sample main session branding

Sample solution demo

Busy season event signage with sponsorships

Achievers Trip concept and promo package


Spirent Communications

Supercomm "silver" concept

I developed the concept / layout and oversaw production / delivery of this 50x70 presence, including a single large three-room conference tower and two distinct demo areas: one for lab test (denoted by a flying silver cable rack with blue scrim) and one for network monitoring (nested flying network clouds with magenta scrim), featuring 13 stations in all. Primary messaging and look-and-feel — keyed to Spirent's print and Web design system — carries through theatre, workstations, directional signage, gobo lighting, metalized mylar bags, and silver attire. Two rotating, highly interactive 15-minute theatre presentations feature “Dr. Network” explaining performance analysis and service assurance basics. Our booth won Best of Show among all large booths, besting Cisco, HP, Intel, Alcatel Lucent, Microsoft, and all direct competitors.

Main tower treatment

Network Theatre treatment

Network Theatre performance

Network Theatre reverse

Lab Test workstation

Network Test workstation

Press reception infographic

SUPERCOMM Best of Show

FutureOp annual customer event

To support this annual three-day retreat — featuring a variety of panel-style main sessions and technical breakout sessions — I created and executed a complete graphic theme carried across all pre-event, event and post-event deliverables, including attendee promotions, slideware and program guides covering over half a dozen sessions, and souvenir optical media. I also supervised a video production company that captured the event's unique on-site Demo Network Theatre, and subsequently distributed it both as a follow-up DVD for attendees and on-demand SMIL-based Webtorial for ancillary audiences.

Event promo package

Demo Network Theatre Q&A

Post-event, SMIL-based tutorial

FutureOp Focus roadshow customer event series

This half-day seminar-style  event series extended the FutureOp concept to far wider audiences by making the content portable across Canada, Mexico, and the USA. I managed all SME technical content in coordination with field sales requirements, produced multiple simultaneous 4C tent-card promotions, launched promotional Websites with self-registration databases matched to each client-specific campaign, managed on-site facilities and served as live event host at each location.

Event promo mailer

Bound event content

Live tutorial content

Denver CO event