Public Justice Foundation

Core advocacy site + commerce engines

The Public Justice Foundation had a bigger vision for what could be done within their website and how it could further their public advocacy goals, but the current structure of their site really limited external contribution and collaboration. Following a full leadership debrief, I led a cross-team effort that created an open platform that could support a dynamic legal environment, showed the Foundation's human side with color and energy, prove their expertise, and supported current litigation with contributed content. We also automated their donor self-care, provided member-only content, simplified their e-commerce infrastructure, and enhanced their search engine visibility.

Entry page with mission and campaign breakouts

Sample mission page

Fundraiser page

Positioning page

Membership page


Deep Water Point

B2B / B2G messaging + core site

DWP’s unique mix of BD and capture proficiencies was well suited for a federal environment of rapidly changing agencies, programs, rules and budgets. Yet its ability to act as a force multiplier, accelerator and connector for contractors was hidden behind the noise of a crowded federal market. Working from group and individual interviews with leadership, I developed multi-level messaging that covered all three core DWP market segments. I then translated that messaging into a brand-new Drupal-based and mobile-friendly website, designed for simplified management by DWP’s virtual management team.

Main entry page with mission and capability breakouts 

Sample federal page

Sample capability page

Sample commercial page

Thought leadership page


Verizon Wireless

B2G presence + subsites 

When you work under one of the nation's biggest consumer brands, your B2G online presence can't be an island unto itself. But how to make sure your messaging stays relevant and actionable in a site structure designed to reach families and small business? For VZW, we addressed this with a transitional landing-page, followed by deep branches into each B2G segment based on solutions discussions and hot-button issues.

Positioning page

US Army page

First Responder page

Partner page


Unicom Government (GTSI Corp) 

Relationship e-marketing (websites) 

This traditional reseller's rapid migration into a system integrator specializing in IT infrastructure required delicate treatment of its online presence, as the company still realized a significant proportion of its revenue from channel sales. My team produced a solution that physically and visually segregated corporate and solution-level messaging from the transactional e-commerce area, and closely keyed the former to its re-launched collateral and advertising platform. To help amplify the company's effort to differentiate itself from its origins and underscore its new focus on solutions teaming, our web group also turned up a new SharePoint-based Intranet intended to drive deeper collaboration across departments and easier self-publishing, all in a visually distinctive and easy-to-navigate environment.

Main entry page with function-area breakouts

Main Solutions page

Sample Solution page

Sample Solution page

Corporate intranet  


Learning Objects

Primary public website

Learning Objects (LOI) has innovated the higher-education course management platforms of companies like Blackboard into an extensible ecosystem where colleges and universities can add exciting functionality such as class-level blogs and wikis. As a start-up seeking additional investment, LOI needed a fully featured and premiere-caliber web presence for explaining and supporting this unique product concept. I responded with this teacher / administrator-friendly site — based on the open-source Magnolia CMS — that enabled easy updates by LOI personnel. I extended it into six supporting collateral color-keyed to specific application areas, sharing the same look and feel as the site and LOI’s other positioning documents.

Entry page with role breakouts

Sample role page

Sample role page


Spirent Communications / Hekimian Laboratories

Relationship e-marketing (websites)

I was responsible for four generations of public Internet outreach for Hekimian Laboratories and Spirent Communications, as well as mini-sites to support individual product or market rollouts, trade shows or brand launches. Each site leveraged off-the-shelf content management technology, leading towards a fully distributed global site in early 2003. For customers and internal audiences, I also strategized and led production of sites for managing customer relations and inter-SBU Marketing coordination. Both revolutionized the ability to move once time-intensive manual processes onto Internet time, enabling rapid responses to market changes and greatly improved customer responsiveness.

3rd generation public website

2nd generation public website

1st generation public website

Optical media interface

Sales intranet entry page

Customer support portal (scrubbed)

Specialty / promotional e-marketing

For specific applications, I strategized, designed and led production of a variety of on-line and optical resources, including: a database-driven monthly e-letter with contents developed across multiple organization functions, and tailored to each internal and external recipient; interactive sales playbooks for new-product launches; a SMIL-based 60-minute webtorial including embedded video, synchronized to six dozen slides with inline navigation; and two annual Flash / Director-based tutorials (averaging 40Mb and delivered via CD-ROM) deeply focusing on a specific technology or network operational challenge.

Personalized customer e-letter

Sales support optical UX 

Flash demo for DSL solution

SMIL interface for live tech demo

Flash demo for IP solution