US Department of Homeland Security / TSA

Integrated TSA Precheck campaign

To help stay ahead of ever evolving threats, TSA needed to deploy risk-based security across its 450-airport footprint. But doing this would participation by millions of air travelers in an expedited screening program that requires background checks and a fee. My team responded with a comprehensive positioning and marketing program to drive awareness, consideration, enrollment, and engagement across multiple stakeholder groups. We interviewed airlines, airports, the travel and tourism industry, and TSA employees; developed appeals at the intersection of convenience and security; and created an engaging campaign theme connecting smarter security with traveler goals. Our “be there” campaign tapped into differing idea of what “destination” means. We also applied this understanding to identify the right media partners and deliver it across that experience — including a fun, dialogue-free video designed for seat-back displays.   

Print ad: business travelers

Print ad: premium travelers


Smithsonian Institution / National Museum of Natural History

Q?rius launch Campaign

Smithsonian developed its Q?rius experiential center as part of a growing national movement to engage teens more deeply in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). But launching this highly-visible $MM-tier facility would require more than a traditional launch splash. Working with Smithsonian leadership, design partner D*MNGOOD, and visualization specialist SPINE, I strategized and led identity and tactical development for a multi-year campaign targeting families with teens, educators, and tour operators. Our creative platform for national print and regional digital / transit ads used CGI to evoke an inner sense of exploration and boundless possibilities. The campaign's strong creative successfully recruited $1M+ of in-kind support from private partners and regional transit systems.

Print ad: Amtrak and Smithsonian Magazines

Section sponsorship: regional websites

Transit ads: car domination on Metrorail Blue and Orange lines 



“World changing connectivity” campaign

Iridium pioneered the concept of personal satellite communications. Its origin is the core of John Bloom’s award-winning Eccentric Orbits. But as the 2010s dawned, Iridium's constellation was reaching end of life. Iridium chose to pioneer once again — with the world's largest technology swap, exchanging six dozen satellites with advanced replacements sharing the same orbits and without dropping service. The swap was a huge story — but how to give it a larger context that would make more people listen? A traditional industry campaign wouldn’t cut through. Instead, I conceived a campaign that positioned Iridium's Certus broadband as a catalyst for sustainable social progress. Our campaign asked pressing questions about democracy, food security, and climate agility as a way to kick-start discussions about the role of satellite in improving daily life for the world's forgotten corners.       

Voting security creative

Food security creative

Community recovery creative


US General Services Administration / Federal Acquisition Service

Narrowband migration campaign

2013 brought a big change to how first responders connect in the field — but also big questions about how agencies should migrate their existing radio infrastructure. Many first-responder organizations use GSA Schedules for their connectivity needs, giving GSA a unique opportunity to educate these time-pressured, budget-sensitive agencies. I drafted strategy, messaging, and campaign creative to promote the idea that narrowband technology gives responders an edge of confidence when facing Moments of Truth — where success or failure are defined in an instant. 

Fire and EMT creative

State and local police creative


Verizon Wireless

Trade space campaign 

B2G marketing under a B2C brand with a huge market presence — in this case, the largest one around — presents special challenges for positioning. How to ensure relevance in a highly tribal, serious-minded environment for a brightly-colored brand with a strong product bent? My team used extensive qualitative and quantitative research, combined with integrated art direction at brand, solution and product levels, to create “bridge” messaging and creative that remained faithful to the core brand, yet gave it B2G relevance and immediacy. Across three brand platforms, our approach's reader-performance metrics consistently bested those of AT&T and Sprint.

Civilian-agency spread

First-responder spread

Military agencies single page

Federal enforcement single page

State / local enforcement single page

Fire and EMT single page


Unicom Government (GTSI Corp) 

Trade space campaign 

A traditional technology reseller in an increasingly challenging marketspace, GTSI elected to pursue a bold and highly visible migration into a system integrator. Yet its messaging program had to respect the practical limitations of self-promotion inside the channel. Working closely with partners from a half-dozen Fortune 500 OEMs, I created an integrated advertising, event and web platform across multiple campaigns based on a well-disciplined tonality supported by confident, empowered photo talent. This conceptual approach broke new ground in a government market too often plagued by me-too advertising.

Corporate positioning ad

HP / GTSI co-op ad

HP / GTSI co-op ad

Sun / GTSI co-op ad

Sun / GTSI co-op ad

Symantec / GTSI co-op ad

Symantec / GTSI co-op ad


Hekimian Laboratories

Trade space campaign

While Hekimian's service assurance solutions enjoyed wide acceptance inside traditional RBOCs, the company faced visibility challenges in fast-growing CLEC and NSP markets, as well as new competition within its home market. This 1999-2001 trade space campaign used colorful, fanciful photoillustrations to highlight the network operator's largest concerns — dispatch efficiency, system scalability, time-to-market and revenue leakage — and show how Hekimian's solution addresses each concern. The striking master images — designed to cut through the typical clutter of telecom trade books — were also carried over into secondary signage used in Hekimian's exhibits to visually connect both outreach efforts.

DSL / CLEC print ad

Counter-toolkit positioning ad

Scalability positioning ad

Revenue-management positioning ad